Social Well-being in India: Issues and Remedies

Social Well-being in India: Issues and Remedies

Product Code: BOOK-EB040101  |  Genre: Educational & Professional   |  Subject: Social Science


Authors : Deepak Kumar,
Number of Pages : 125
Language : English
Publication Date : 13-04-2024
Year : 2024
ISBN Number : 978-81-968869-3-6
Binding : Paperback
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Book Author
Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor

Department of English, Maharshi Jamadagni Govt. College for Girls, Pillukhera, Jind, Haryana, India

About the Book

This book is a compendium of an insightful reflection on the major issues related to concept of social well-being in contemporary Indian society. The objective of the book is to highlight the various obstacles which hamper the progress towards attaining the goal of social well-being and suggest remedies to overcome these obstacles. This book contains twelve chapters dealing with major social issues like gender discrimination, gender budgeting, inequality in sex ratio, challenges related to health for senior citizen, life in slums, quality of education being imparted in India, threat of global warming and climate change with major causes and consequences, poverty and sustainable agriculture in India. These obstacles along with many other issues of similar kinds which, in one way or the other intermingled with each other, contribute to taking the dream of social well-being away from the reach of common masses and thereby constituting the central thrust of the book.

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